7 Best Augmented Reality Benefits in Digital Marketing

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Augmented Reality

Welcome and in this article, we will talk about augmented reality benefits in digital marketing. Augmented Reality (AR) is no more a principle limited to sci-fi movies. If you know about digital retail digital marketing services, you should have known that it has the way to marketing long in the past.

Marketing experts are revealing thinking about adopting this fantastic innovation in their digital marketing method. They have some compelling reasons for this.

Do you understand, 72% of online consumers buy items they had not prepared because of AR? Or that 61% of them choose retailers that utilize AR?

In 2020, 32% of users had currently used AR apps for shopping. That is the time you need to understand that AR is not just affecting digital marketing. However, it is transforming it forever.

This brand-new market is increasing. The net competency of the AR market is $3.5 billion. According to Citrus Bits, the market is to grow by $61.4 billion by 2023.

Seven ways you can utilize the power of AR in your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s discuss some of the Augmented Reality Benefits that enhanced truth can change your digital marketing method permanently:

1) Allow you to grab client attention

Excellent marketing is everything about recording people’s attention. In the past, it was quite simple. However, with the arrival of innovations, it has ended up being quite tricky. You need to discover innovative practices to improve brand name presence, awareness.

AR technologies permit you to do this. With AR, you can collect much attention from your target market in ways that conventional marketing methods such as Print, tv, and billboard media can not. You can reach a wide variety of individuals within no time, and this is the beauty of AR.

Plus, you can delight clients, which forces them to purchase from you.

2) Product visualization for a digital marketing technique

Augmented reality empowers today’s consumers to be capable of envisioning items.

In its fundamental definition, you can refer to product visualization as a procedure where companies can use images and graphics are utilized by companies to interact the products to the clients. To this date, many companies are doing this by allowing their e-commerce websites and demo apps with visual product configuration software.

Take IKEA, for example. The Sweden-based furnishings retail company has just recently changed its traditional photography with 3D renderings. The digital brochures and IKEA app let users see how a furniture piece of a specific color and size would search in their homes.

A survey says more than 75% of clients worry about buying the furniture’s incorrect size. AR apps are terrific technological developments that can assist merchants in decreasing the inconvenience of regrets and returns.

3) Letting consumers virtually attempt before the purchase

You can attempt your next set of glasses that you will purchase by merely utilizing your mobile phone.

Integrating AR technologies in your digital marketing technique would permit clients to comprehend what they’re purchasing- and how precisely cosmetics, clothes, accessories, etc., would work for them.

It’s everything about putting your product in the hands of consumers virtually so that they can make more educated decisions. The direct-to-consumer spectacles brand, Warby Parker, introduced a ‘virtual try-on’ system that lets its clients attempt glasses at the house’s convenience.

People need to download the app, pick the style of the frame they want to try, and then trigger the function that opens the front cam and place the glasses on your face. If the individual relocates and tilts their head, the glasses remain fixed in their place even.

4) Creating a buzz around the brand name

Enhanced reality can work both directly and indirectly for your digital marketing strategy. If you’re not releasing a new product, you can still use AR innovations to boost your brand track record and increase awareness among the target audience.

By providing an unforeseen reality experience, you can develop considerable hype around your new brand. Given that AR is still a new concept in the market using it as part of your marketing strategy can help you develop remarkable moments for individuals with the brand name.

Take some inspiration from the appealable brand name that grew even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sephora has developed an AR app that lets individuals buy ideal makeup throughout the pandemic. The business partnered with an AR company ModiFace that scans the human face and lets consumers try out different numerous cosmetic items to select the products according to their facial functions and requirements.

5) AR tech for injecting life into things

Enhanced reality is an excellent method to enhance the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy. AR technology is an excellent method to improvise visiting experiences bringing the dead to life.

The app has a reputation among visitors who use it inside the museum to history and see how the items and dinosaurs displayed on the exhibition looked countless years earlier. That is undoubtedly a great way to improve tourist and academic experience as technology allows individuals to engage with the items on a much deeper level.

6) Driving engagement with digital packaging

Every marketing trainee and professional understands that product packaging plays a significant role in influencing purchase decisions. The packaging is your opportunity to communicate with users. With AR technologies, you may turn your dull and dull product packaging excellent and hand down comprehensive information that you can place on the label.

AR is an excellent method for all users to explore additional product-related details by seeing a product with specifically created apps. You can share material that’s special, interesting, and pertinent through a range of digital mediums.

This info could be text or 3D animations. For example, The British Museum signed a partnership with the smartphone business Samsung to develop AR apps.

AR technologies for item packaging can benefit you in several methods:

  • Powerful brand storytelling
  • Providing technical and academic details about the product
  • Entertain clients

The world’s leading scotch brand Jack Daniel’s, utilize AR for its product packaging. Within seconds of scanning the bottle, the app gets users on a virtual tour and shows the winemaking procedure.

7) Digital marketing method with gamification

According to a current study released by a coursework writing service, gamification has got acknowledged as a leading digital marketing technique within an extremely brief period. This strategy has got embraced by various brand names to capture the market’s attention and deliver remarkable value.

It involves design components that can engage game fans and oblige them to crave for more. The US-based entertainment channel utilized the gamification tactic to spread the word about their mystery series ‘Dig.’ The cable channel introduced a mobile phone app with the name ‘Dig Decoder’ to provide tips about the game.

Using the app’s viewfinder option, the users can look for extra game hints hidden inside the game publication, signboards, and print ads. You can state that you can give your audience another factor to enjoy the program by utilizing enhanced reality for your following digital marketing technique.

Secret takeaway

Increased truth has made its method into the digital marketing method of big and small brand names. The innovation permits marketing managers to make their digital marketing campaigns engaging and innovative by letting people connect with the brand name.

This short article includes multiple examples of how brands utilize AR technologies to get customers’ attention and construct emotional ties with them, which become a basis for product choice making.

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