Sonos One: The Best Wireless Speaker Review

Best Wireless Speaker Review
Best Wireless Speaker Review

Welcome to the best wireless speaker review. In this article we have discussed the Sonos One which is a lot of things– it’s an alarm, a timer, a song gamer, a news resource, and a trivia host, as well as it’ll even mobilize a car ride or a pizza for you. Inevitably, the something that makes it attract attention from loads of otherwise speakers is its convenience. 

It integrates with any smart device, collaborates with almost every streaming song solution around, and will soon work with AirPlay 2 and Google Assistant. And also, it sounds unbelievable as well as comes at a reasonable price factor. 

We spent a couple of weeks listening to it, barking commands at it, and comparing it to various other popular clever speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. Although it isn’t the best-sounding clever speaker you can acquire– we’ll touch a lot more on that particular later– we do think that it’s still the very best wireless speaker you can receive.

The Best Wireless Speaker Review:


It’s simple to confuse the Sonos One with the likewise called Sonos PLAY:1 speaker. They can both be in the black or white color pattern, have rounded edges, and have the same dimension. Nonetheless, the One speaker is virtually different. It has a brand-new speaker grill, a touch-sensitive control board (for stopping playback, avoiding tracks, and also readjusting volume), as well as a six-microphone selection at its top.

Now you can ask Alexa (Amazon’s online aide) the weather, or have it regulate your smart home, or play songs, amongst thousands of other commands. There is a microphone icon on the One’s top that you can tap to transform the mics on or off. With the addition of the microphones, the most remarkable difference from the PLAY:1 is that the Sonos One lacks a threaded mount on its behind, making it difficult to install it to a wall surface without purchasing a separate package. 

The speaker likewise provides you the choice to attach it to your home network using a wired Ethernet link, but it lacks Bluetooth.

The speaker is simply 6 inches tall, and its compact footprint allows you to set it virtually anywhere. Some users have stated that if you place it on some timber surfaces, the speaker’s silicone feet leave tiny white marks. Apple’s HomePod and Google’s Home Max likewise have the same concern and feature the risk of leaving white rings on wood surface areas. 

So you may want to place something in between them and whatever surface area you intend to place the speaker on. No matter, the speaker has a 6-foot-long power cord that ought to be plenty enough time for many arrangements, and also the plug isn’t so bulky that it takes up your whole electrical outlet, either.


The Sonos One has a little complicated setup contrasted to the Apple HomePod. It isn’t hard, yet it’ll take you merely under 10 mins. You have to download the Sonos app, produce a Sonos account (if you don’t have one currently), await the configuration wizard to find your speaker, then tune your audio speakers. 

To tune them, you swing iOS smartphone or tablet like a wand, and your rate pack, and also forth around the space. Then the speaker emits a collection of test noises. It seems like a trippy EDM concert, and it’s a weird experience, but it creates better audio for your area configuration.

After adjusting, you can pick from numerous different music solutions, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, TIDAL, and Pandora, amongst countless others. After you key in your login information for one or a few of them, you still refrain. Next off, you need to link the speaker to your Alexa account, download the Alexa application, log in or develop an Alexa account. 

After that, connect your music solutions to that account. The good news is, the applications do excellent work at discussing all these steps, but it is a lengthy procedure with lots of passwords to bear in mind and type in. After jumping via all those hoops, you can finally use the speaker.

Communicating with Alexa

Although Sonos has introduced support for Google Assistant with the Sonos One, Amazon Alexa is the default online assistant for the Sonos One. Equally, as you would certainly connect with Siri on your iPhone or HomePod, you use Alexa with the One. We located that Alexa is far more capable than Siri. And also, Alexa sustains many more smart home devices.

You can utilize the One to transform lights on and off or use it to control linked devices. We believe that the Google Assistant is better, however, specifically at getting info. Occasionally Alexa didn’t know the operating hrs of a restaurant when Google Home did. On the bonus side, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa can identify numerous users’ voices– an attribute Siri has yet to sustain.

Throughout our testing, we discovered that the Sonos One’s Alexa assistant didn’t have as large a capability as Alexa does on an Amazon Echo. You also can not access your local music library using your voice, as well as you need to go through the Sonos App to play your stored tracks rather. The Sonos additionally does not let you play. Relaxing rainfall sounds like the Echo can. 

All these shortcomings might be repaired with a future software application update, though. The speaker initially really did not support audiobooks, but Sonos recently rolled out assistance for Audible. The Sonos One also doesn’t listen to voice commands, along with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. If you have an Amazon Echo in one more area, sometimes it’ll hear your voice commands and undoubtedly react instead of the Sonos One you’re trying to communicate with that.

The Sonos One likewise does not allow you to group Alexa or Google Assistant speakers and Sonos speakers for one merged sound. You can still play music on and also control songs from various other Alexa speakers or Alexa groups in different spaces; however, the music won’t additionally play on the Sonos One itself. For example, we could tell our Sonos One speaker in the workplace to play Julien Baker on an Amazon Echo in the room. We could additionally inform an Amazon Echo in the cooking area to play Julien Baker on the Sonos One in the workplace. 

However, when we announced the Sonos One in the office to “Play Julien Baker anywhere,” it played the music on the Echoes in the room and kitchen, yet not with the Sonos One in the workplace. You can generally tell the Sonos One to play music elsewhere on various other Alexa audio speakers. Still, it won’t play the very same tune simultaneously with different other Alexa or Google Assistant speakers in your home. A multiroom sound arrangement is always feasible with the Sonos One– you have to go all-in for Sonos Wi-Fi speakers.

Audio Quality

The top audio quality of the Sonos One is phenomenal. The gadget lacks a question of the best-sounding Amazon Alexa speaker you can buy. Regardless of its portable dimension, the One packs a severe stroke. Sonos handled to squeeze in 2 high-grade audio chauffeurs, a woofer, and a tweeter that works to deliver much well. 

t is remarkably full of noise with deep bass, even in low quantities. 2 Sonos One speakers can be linked together to form a stereo pair for a much better sonic experience. You can not couple a Sonos One and Play:1 speaker with each other.

In contrast to various other speakers, we discovered that the Sonos One appears significantly far better than the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The various other two misshapes sound at higher quantities and appear much muddier. 

Both Google and Amazon supply better and extra expensive audio speakers– the Home Max and Echo Plus– yet they’re still no match contrasted to the Sonos One. The Home Max is louder and supplies a more obvious bass, yet the Sonos One excels in midranges, and it just sounds far better overall. You can also acquire two Sonos One speakers for $50 less than a Google Home Max price.

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