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This is an ideal article for those, who love to have delicious French food recipes. In this article, we have discussed 2 delicious French food recipes best for food lovers. Let’s start our journey.

2 Best Delicious French Food Recipes:

Traditional French delicious chocolate Christmas cake recipe

Called the Cotillon or the queen of all delicious chocolate cakes, this cake blends with each other a ton of various sorts of chocolate. White chocolate, delightful chocolate sheets, delicious dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate. They all take a look. By featuring brandy, this treat more or much less defeats you over the head with splendor. Try this French Chocolate Cake at your next Christmas event. However, prepare to take a remainder later: though this recipe consists of coffee, we do not assume you’re going anywhere.

Active ingredients

  • White delicious chocolate 200 g.
  • Chocolate sheets
  • Eggs 3.
  • sugar 80 g, fine.
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp.
  • Flour 70 g.
  • Cocoa Three tablespoon powder.
  • Dark chocolate 100 g.
  • Bittersweet delicious chocolate 100 g.
  • Milk chocolate 100 g.
  • Espresso 2 cl, solid.
  • Brandy 2 cl.
  • Eggs 5.
  • Vanilla 3 tbsp, sugar.
  • Lotion 125 ml, chilled.
  • Sugar 50 g.
  • Sugar 200 g, granulated 125 ml.
  • Dark delicious chocolate 150 g.


For the delicious chocolate loops:

Melt the chocolate couverture in a bain-marie & also solidify it. Cut the transfer sheet into 9 (12) strips (3-4 cm wide and 10-12 cm long). Spread the chocolate on the strips, enable it to set a little, lift the strips, correct the edges with a sharp knife if necessary, and shape right into loops (with the transfer sheet to the outside). Place on aluminum foil and leave to set. Meticulously pull off the transfer sheet before utilizing the loops to embellish the cake.

For the sponge

Different the eggs. Beat the egg whites with lemon juice till they create soft peaks. Progressively flow in the sugar and proceed to beat until the mix is shiny and solid and kinds tight. Whisk the egg yolks and also layer in. Mix the flour and even cocoa, sieve onto the mix, and also layer in. Spread out the mixture on a baking tray lined with cooking parchment and cook in a preheated stove (200 ° C/400 ° F with top and bottom warm) for about 12 minutes. Obtain the stove, loosen up the side of the sponge and entrust it to go cold.

For the mousse

Roughly thaw and also slice the delicious chocolate in a bain-marie with the cognac and even espresso. Get rid of it from the warm. Separate the eggs. Beat the yolk with the vanilla sugar over a hot bain-marie till sudsy and the sugar has liquified. Whip the well-cooled cream up until semi-stiff. Beat the egg white with the sugar until they develop tight optimal. Add the egg yolk mix to the delicious chocolate and mix in with a whisk. Locate the whipped cream in addition to the delightful chocolate mixture. Promptly mix in with the whisk before the combination sets. Meticulously fold in the beaten egg white.

Split the excellent sponge as soon as and after that, split the two layers once more to make four thin layers of cake. Place a square cake ring around the bottom layer and spread with 1/4 of the delicious chocolate mousse. Put the following layer on top and continue this way until all the cake layers and mousse have gotten used. Excellent for at the very least 6 hours. (Freezing the cake for the last fifteen minutes will undoubtedly make it less complicated to use the icing).

For the topping

Place the sugar and also water into a frying pan and boil vigorously for 5-6 minutes. After that, leave to cool slightly. Melt the delicious chocolate in a bain-marie as well as progressively stir into the sugar option. Mix until the topping is thick and also smooth. Entrust to cool down till it feels happily cozy to the lips. Get rid of the cake ring. Put the icing over the cake in one activity and smooth quickly on all sides with a combination blade, using a couple of strokes as feasible.

Top with the chocolate loops & leave to dry for several hrs, up until the icing gets correctly established. Cut into sections with a warm knife and offer.


To check that the topping has the right consistency, allow it to run over a wooden spoon. The spoon needs to coat with a layer of icing about four mm/1/8 inches thick. Ensure that the topping does not get as well warm, or it will certainly not be glossy.

Gluten-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

It is an effortless dish for a gluten-free cake: find out exactly how to prepare home this flourless chocolate cake, ideal if you are gluten chocolate and intolerant lover.


  • Dark chocolate 200 g, 70% cocoa, sliced.
  • Brandy One tablespoon.
  • Coffee 1 tbsp, black, strong.
  • Sugar 150 g (superfine).
  • Butter 150 g, saltless.
  • Almonds 100 g.
  • Eggs 5, separated.
  • Dark chocolate 75 g, 70% cocoa solids, cut.

Prep work

  • For the cake.
  • Heat the oven to 180 ° C( 160 ° follower) gas 4. Oil a 20cm deep cake tin as well as line the base with non-stick baking paper.
  • Place the chocolate, brandy, coffee, sugar, and butter right into a huge heatproof dish and melt with each other over a frying pan of simmering (not boiling) water.
  • Get rid of the heat and mix up until smooth.
  • Enable to cool a little. After that, stir in the ground almonds.
  • Mix the egg yolks right into the delicious chocolate blend.
  • Whisk the egg whites until stiff, however not dry, and gently mix right into the chocolate blend.
  • Transform the combination right into the tin and bake for 35-45 minutes, relying on exactly how squidgy you like it.
  • Excellent in the tin for 10 mins. Then position on a wire rack to cool totally.

For the covering

  • Thaw the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a frying pan of simmering (not steaming) water.
  • Get rid of the heat as well as allow it to cool slightly.
  • Sprinkle the dissolved delicious chocolate over the cake as well as delegate set.

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