GPS Tracking Device For Kids | Best Purchasing Guide


The best GPS trackers add comfort for concerned moms and dads whose kids are heading back to school or venturing outdoors to play. An easy-to-carry tracker can provide you with updates on your kids’ location. In some cases, the device can even send out signals to you and other caregivers if there’s trouble.

Whether you choose a kid-sized watch or something that clips to a knapsack, try to find a device that correctly updates your child’s location when you need them. 

Other functions: SOS alarms can send signals to moms and dads and other relatives or two-way calling so you can be there in touch with your kids.

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We think about all these elements to find the best GPS trackers. (And if it’s an aging relative & not a child you wish to monitor, these gadgets or variations focused on older users will work just as well.) Here’s what we found in our look for the best GPS tracker for kids.


Monthly service cost: $9/month with two year commitment, $13/month without agreement|Weight: 18 grams (0.63 ounce)|Battery life- Up to one week|Call/text assistance: No|App support: iOS/Android|Network- GPRS/EDGE/HSxPA 850/900/1850/ 1900/2100 transceivers

Our choice for the best GPS tracker for keeping tabs on kids, family pets, and older adults has been the Jiobit, which is light and small (2 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches, 0.6 ounces). A loop allows you to attach the tracker to a backpack, belt loop, shoe, pendant, or keychain, and we discovered we only needed to charge it every five days or two.

The makers of Jiobit have presented a new variation, the $129 Jiobit Next. It promises better battery life and much accurate tracking. Thanks to a brand-new antenna style. Support for low-power large location networks should help the Jiobit perform better in areas without excellent cellular protection. We plan on checking the device soon, so return to see where it lands in our rankings.

When it comes to the original Jiobit, with no microphone, screen, or speaker, it feels resilient. It’s water-resistant and shock-resistant with an IPX8 rating. I question that my 6-year-old kid could destroy it without a sustained, dedicated effort. We did throw it on the ground, stepped on it, and left it on the driveway throughout a rain shower, and it kept working simply outstanding.

The best part for parents is how the Jiobit app for iOS and Android lets you know not just where your child is however likewise who she’s with. If your child has many caregivers and all utilize the Jiobit app, the caregiver and the tracker’s phone will link with Bluetooth whenever they’re in range. Then, you can see in the app that your boy left school at 3 p.m., accompanied by his papa, or his stepmom, or his babysitter, or whoever or anyone expected to pick him up.

Even much better, you don’t get alert when your child gets to or leaves a trusted place with you. You don’t require a push alert to inform you that you just selected up your kid from school. You do desire a signal if she leaves school alone or with someone else. Relied on Places are easy to establish in the app, and you can pick to get notified when the tracker gets in leaves or both.

You add other caretakers to your Care-Team by phone number. They’ll get a link over SMS (text) to download the Jiobit app, and when they established an account, they enter their telephone number. Care Team members can pick to get notified when the Jiobit goes into and leaves the trusted locations you’ve established, and they can see the Jiobit on the map and which caretaker remains in variety. They can’t develop different relied-on areas or alter any of the Jiobit’s settings.

With a mix of Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS, and Wi-Fi, the Jiobit got a good signal indoors and outdoors. The app constantly found it within a second or two of launching. Tapping the top of the mobile phone screen lets you go into tracking mode, where the location does update on the map as the tracker moves, leaving a track in between points. Live tracking for long durations will use down the Jiobit’s battery, so the app asks you after two minutes if you need to keep monitoring or return to the map, which does refresh every few seconds if the tracker is moving, simply without developing a trail.

Even though Jiobit’s app looks fantastic, it could have a couple of more functions. There’s no History to reveal where the tracker has been throughout the day. The original Jiobit did not have an SOS button that your child might push if there’s trouble, but the new version of Jiobit remedies that omission.

There is no augmented-reality view to guide you to its exact spot if you attempt to locate the Jiobit. When Bluetooth matches you, you’ll discover a little bar in the app that links your picture, representing your phone, to your child’s image, meaning the Jiobit. That bar grows longer or much shorter based upon how close you are, which can assist you well. You can tap the small bell icon, and the Jiobit will make a sound and flash its LED if you’ve lost it under the bed.

The initial Jiobit costs $149, with a service contract available for $14 a month. Register for two years of service, and you lower the cost to $9 a month. (In either case, your very first 30 days are free.) Additional Jiobit trackers can plan for $6 a month, with the same rates for the device. The tracker uses AT&T’s & T-Mobile’s networks to send out GPS information.

The real Jiobit was the best GPS tracker for kids, with long battery life and an easy-to-use app that makes this device simple to suggest. We hope that the sequel measures up to the high standard this edition sets.

How to select the Best GPS Tracker for kids

Here are the requirements we consider while identifying the best GPS tracker for kids.


In addition to tracking place, many GPS gadgets use a wide range of parts, including one-and two-way calling and the capability to establish geofenced zones that notify you when your child has left a designated location. We look at which gadgets surpassed the basics and how those functions got executed.


You want a GPS tracker that precisely shows a person’s location, with regular updates when he or she is on the relocation. We kept in mind how accurately each device pinpointed our area. We’ve discovered that trackers usually work much better in wide-open spaces, with less accurate signals when we check in dense downtown locations.


We thought about the size of the GPS tracker and whether it was something a child might quickly carry around. We also looked at toughness: Could the device endure rough-and-tumble journeys to the play area?

Reduce usage: 

We wished to find gadgets that were easy enough for a kid to utilize definitely. Still, likewise, ones that wouldn’t provide mother or father fits during the setup and activation process. Here’s one universal idea: Make sure to trigger your GPS tracker in as wide of an open area as possible, not inside a structure. Trackers hate confinement, specifically at the start.


In addition to paying upfront for a GPS tracker, there are month-to-month service charges. We consider what each GPS tracker would cost you regularly and whether you need to sign a service contract. We also keep in mind when GPS trackers include service expense in the initial price, such as providing the first year of service for complimentary.


Check what security procedures your GPS tracker follows. And while establishing the device, make sure to alter any default passwords or user names.

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