Lifeguard Recertification And Swimming Pools Guide

Lifeguard Recertification

You won’t believe your eyes when you stand in front of it with lifeguard recertification. A sea container in a parking lot along the Slues endlike in Heine Noord with children swimming in it. It is a project of lifeguard and entrepreneur Tom van Niuean orogen. Since Thursday, children can get their

A or B Diploma There

Now that swimming pools are closed and the bathing water of outdoor pools is too cold, the heated sea container is a solution, thought Van Niuean orogen. He ordered a seven-meter-long sea container and had it converted into a swimming pool with heating lifeguard recertification. “The water is 32 degrees, so warm enough for small children,

The corona rules are also taken into account. The container is not completely covered so that it is in the open air, parents watch from the car and the face of the lifeguard or teacher is covered. “The plan is well thought out, I am entrepreneurial myself and so we as a municipality wholeheartedly allow this,” says Alderman Paul Bogart.

Thanks to this solution, Kelly van Gulick no longer had to wait with daughter Lexi, who obtained two diplomas on this day. “We’ve been waiting since December. And now in a sea container. Who would have thought!”

The inspection will come Friday to look at the swimming container.

The last lessons of lifeguard

Sang songs with the toddlers for no less than 28 years and he tried to keep the participants in the Meer Between Boor Ordered as fit as possible. The Baby, Toddler & Toddler Swimming was co-founded by Bram and he has taught this from the very first lesson. But now it has been beautiful. Today he taught the little ones and the big ones for the last time. He presented the Toddler Survival certificates for the very last time.

Tuesdays for 28 years, you have seen a lot of parents and children pass by. The babies of the early years now come to swim with their little ones. The parents of then are the grandfathers and grandmothers of today with lifeguard recertification. Many people then and now enjoyed Bram’s jokes and pranks and a huge group of children were made water-free in a playful way in preparation for swimming lessons for lifeguard recertification. Many swimmers thanked him today for the fun lessons and Paul de Bruin showed his appreciation by baking profert jess for the little ones, including his granddaughter Norte.

The bath was decorated and there were bubbles, balloons, and flowers. The lesson was of course extra special. The swimmers of the MBVO will certainly miss Bram. At the end of all lessons, the lifeguard treated us to something delicious with the coffee.

The fact that Bram will work a little less has caused another change within De Weld. Inge will no longer give swimming lessons on Mondays with lifeguard recertification because she will continue to teach Bram’s Baby, Toddler, and Toddler lessons. Inge has meanwhile said goodbye to her school children on Monday and has already practiced all children’s songs so that she can provide many fun BPK mornings together with Astrid.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool De Weld offers swimming for people over fifty on two days a week with lifeguard recertification. At the Meer Between Boor Ordered (MBVO), you will be given various assignments in nice warm water which you can perform at your own level. There are chest-deep water classes and deep water classes for lifeguard recertification. You do not need to be a good swimmer for the chest-deep water class.

You will be taught by a qualified instructor, who is familiar with the physical discomforts that can arise with age. During the lesson, we use various materials, such as balls, planks, or dumbbells. While swimming for lifeguard recertification, work is done to improve or maintain the condition.

In addition, you work imperceptibly on your mobility, balance, and flexibility. The water has a beneficial effect on the body with lifeguard recertification. The buoyant pressure of the water improves blood circulation in the skin and relaxes the muscles. Most noticeable is the feeling of weightlessness. The deeper the water, the lighter we appear. Walking, hopping, and jumping outside the water puts a lot of strain on joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In the water, this load is much less, so that the chance of injuries is much smaller.

Swimming pools at the Loren boss

The Loren boss has two heated outdoor pools, which we hope to open annually from mid-May to mid-September. When the pool will open exactly is never known in advance, this is highly dependent on the weather.

In addition to the two large swimming pools, there is a toddler pool, which is adjacent to the larger pool with lifeguard recertification. There are also sun loungers and a special sunbathing area.

With Wheelchair to the pool

It is possible to enter the pool area in a wheelchair. A special water bath has been placed for this, without thresholds. The wheels are then sprayed clean. There is no lift available at the pool.


Other information (season 2021)

  1. Swimming is only allowed for guests of Het Loren boss (these are bungalow guests, annual pitch guests, seasonal pitch guests, or campers at Het Loren boss)
  2. The pool is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  3. When entering the pool you must use the disinfection column
  4. Directions from our staff must always be followed
  5. Stay home if you have any of the following (also mild!) symptoms in the past 24 hours: a cold, cough, shortness of breath, or fever
  6. It is not allowed to eat or drink by the pool. An exception to this are plastic bottles with water
  7. It is not allowed to use alcohol and/or smoke (not even in the playground)
  8. It is forbidden to bring glass objects
  9. Dogs are not allowed inside the pool fences
  10. Shoes must stay outside the fences of the pool
  11. No music in the pool
  12. Do not dive in the pool
  13. The instructions of employees of the Loren boss must always be followed immediately

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