What is a Virtual Phone Number? Best VPN Company Review

Virtual Phone Number

The virtual Phone number has direct access or is called an inward dialing number. You are not directly connected to the telephone line. Such types of numbers are easily programmed to forward the incoming calls to the other telephone numbers. The number is chosen by the client, VoIP fixed numbers or Mobile Numbers.

The virtual Phone numbers are easy to set up on a phone system without any kind of technical knowledge. The virtual Phone numbers work ideally to record a voice message and share the same numbers with other people.

You must follow the list of the top free virtual Phone number and their popular features. VoIP USA available at affordable prices. The given list contains the open-source (free) and commercial (paid software).


Phone.com on VoIP phone system can be set up on an instant basis. It allows you to create the customer’s schedule when you want to contact them. You will also get a notification when you receive the upcoming call. The app also allows you to route the calls. It also depends on the time, when the day call is received. You can easily sync your address book while using the phone application. The Phone app also allows you to personalize your call with greetings, voice messages and enjoy the music. The user can easily send and receive messages on the local number and enjoy the music.

App.com helps you to create and allows you to organize your different groups and extensions. It also allows you to set your unique caller ID.


Another virtual phone application is Grasshopper which helps to provide communication solutions for small businesses.it allows you to the professional phone number on your existing cell mobile or landline. This application helps you to shift your virtual number without any difficulty.it allows you to receive a different call that comes on different numbers.

The different characteristics of Grasshopper are:

  • It provides a complete view of your business on more than one channel.
  • While using a desktop or mobile app you can easily make calls.
  • This application easily converts your voicemail to text so it allows you to read the text without listening to it.
  • It also helps you to record your client history that welcomes your clients
  • It allows you to reply through text message on your office number.
  • You can send a fax or PDF attachment from your mail.

Another phone number application is hushed that enables you to call, send text, and pictures. This application enables you to save your real phone number and make it secure. This application also responds automatically if received any message. Like Grasshopper Hush also have different features.

  • Allow you to add and manage more than one number.
  • With using of Wi-Fi and data you can easily access your number
  • It also allows YouTube to keep your conversation secure and private.
  • Voicemail can be recorded or customize
  • You can also forward your call if it’s not possible to take or relate to any other concerned person
  • Using Dropbox or Slack you can also integrate this application.

Phone Burner:

The famous dialer software is Phone Burner. Mostly it uses for business purposes. It allows you to generate good business deals through this software you can do quality conversations and make deals so close. Numerous tools are integrated with this application like Zippier, Salesforce, and Zoo, etc. it also helps you to dial from any cell phone without any hassle.

Phone Burner also has different characteristics:

  • You can dial numbers from your local area codes
  • provide a specific inbound phone number for this purpose
  • It allows transferring a call to any phone number easily

The phone burner makes it enables to dial the numbers from the local area codes. The software also provides you with dedicated inbound phone numbers. You can easily transfer the number with great ease. It also supports the team to easily set up the account. In this way, It also simplifies the process of remote sales process.


ConXhub is a user-friendly business phone system. It comes with highly advanced features. It allows the users to make multiple profiles and numbers. You can easily make and receive calls from multiple numbers. ConXhub comes with different characteristics. It ensures the highest HD quality. The Process is quite easy to forward the calls to mobile phones and contact people around the world.

ConXhub come with also has different characteristics

  • Ensure the highest HD quality
  • Make it easier to forward calls to mobile phones or any other phone throughout the world
  • From any country which you want you can get Toll Free, Local or international number it depends on your choice.

You Mail

You Mail is related to a VoIP UK phone number service provider which helps you to keep protecting your mobile device network as well yourself. Characteristic of You Mail is given below:

  • It blocks automatically rob calls an as well enable block custom calls
  • You can easily find the missed caller
  • It enables you to offer custom greetings
  • Visual voicemail is one of the great features
  • Protect your privacy with a second phone number
  • Auto-reply service for the missed caller
  • You also can make a conference call through this


The best virtual phone number system is VirtualPBX. It helps you to monitor real-time calls. This tool easily provides the system of Automatic call Distribution which helps to manage call traffic of the concerned department. You can easily make your number customized, that easily with your brand identity. The app virtual PBX makes you enable to show your business name and show you the outgoing caller ID.

You can easily transfer the business number to the talking route. You can set the date and time when your phone is available. The app also gives support to audio conferencing. You can easily forward your call to any type of device, you have selected. The app is also featured with CRM (Customer support Management integration system. You can also make calls from the Web browser. It also indicates the status of the virtual PBX platform.

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