10 Tips to Choose a Web Development Company

Web Development Company
Web Development Company

Having an online presence is not a luxury anymore. It is compulsory for any business. These days are savvier than earlier days, and they always search online for information before they do any business or make any purchase. If you do not have a website that questions the credibility of your business. 

What does a web development company do? 

Best web development company develops websites for clients, but the working process is not that straightforward. A web development company builds a website for clients following these activities: 

  • Taking the requirement and ideating architecture.
  • Price assessment
  • Choosing the platform, framework, and coding language (e.g., PHP, JS, Python, ASP)
  • Selecting best-suited hosting technology for the website 
  • Designing the front end and admin panel (UI design)
  • Developing the back end 
  • Uploading media content 
  • Publishing content with the best practice 
  • Testing the website on a live server, which is called beta testing
  • Finding the problems and fixing them 
  • Conduct a performance test
  • Create a backup policy 
  • Deployment 
  • Client training
  • Maintenance and updating  

These are the main steps that every standard web development company follows. Other than these some company provides some extra support such as

  • Design media content
  • Set SEO strategy 
  • Create SEO optimized content 

Website development seems to be an easy process initially, but it is a complicated task in reality. The design concept varies from industry to industry, so does the development concept. A web development company always updates itself, implementing new design trends. Development technology also changes. A good web development company itself is updated to ensure they still use the latest technology to develop the best possible website. 

How to choose a web development company 

So, now that you know what a website company does, it’s time to pick one to create a website for you. How do you do that? How do you choose a web development company? Here are the points you should consider before hiring a web development company: 

What kind of website do you need? 

That is the first step before you choose a website development company to design and develop your website. Remember, not all websites are the same. 

Google, Facebook, Amazon all are websites, but they serve different purposes. All of these websites get powered by infrastructure worth multi-billion dollars with several data centers and thousands of dedicated developers working behind the scene. 

The examples may be overwhelming to you, but these excellent examples distinguish the differences between websites. A Website is just what you see at the front end, and a website is all about what function it delivers. 

If you want an e-commerce website, then you will be dealing with very complex technology. If you want a blog, then the technology is not that complex, and if you need just some static page, then it’s a project any newcomer can do for you. 

If you own a small business, then the primary purpose of your website should be building trust, developing brand value, educating your visitor, and at last, converting visitors into leads. There are hundreds of web design and development companies that can build this kind of website for you. But, here is the thing you should consider: 

  • The hosting plan they are providing 
  • Which CMS they will use to develop the website 
  • Do they have a specialized SEO team?

These three things can be very crucial for the future of your website. So, before choosing a web development company, try to know these things. 

Check out the portfolio of the company. 

Before starting your project with a web development company, you must take a look at their portfolio. Usually, every web development company displays its work on its website. Click on the links of their latest jobs from their website. Have a look and the functionality of the websites they developed. 

You may find a similar project from their portfolio that meets your requirements and expectations. Moreover, you will get insights into that web development company and learn a lot about their experience. 

Read the reviews 

Modern web development companies have a testimonial section. You will get an overview of their expertise reading those reviews. If you find a similar project, then try to find a review of that client. That will give you a better understanding of the expertise.  

Besides the testimonial center, a social network is an excellent platform to find an honest opinion of any company. Many users leave their comments on a company on Google, Facebook, and other social networks. You can easily find the official Facebook page of any company. See their posts and what people say on those posts. You will get a clear perception from there. 

Also, check for any reward or recognition achieved by that company. If you find any that will give you a fair idea about the rank of that web development among the industry. 

Check the website of that company. 

The website tells a lot about any organization. A standard web development company will always update its website, showcase its works, and have a rich blog section. To make communication easy many websites integrate messenger, WhatsApp with their websites. 

Pay attention to the design of that company’s website. You also should observe the feature and content quality. Does that company follow the latest trend of web design? If so, they are up-to-date, and you can put your trust in them. 

Besides, you should check the functionality of that website also. Many times a great-looking website does not function well. Test the CTA button and other functions.

Send a mail and see how fast they respond. 

Find the contact page or ‘Get a Quote’ CTA button of that web development company. The responsiveness of that company is an essential factor. If the team is small, then they might not have a dedicated sales team. 

Give that team 24-48 hours to respond. If the company is interested in your project, they will answer your email and learn more about your project. 

Remember, early response time; a professional answer tells a lot about that company. 

Maintenance and Support 

A website demands continuous maintenance so that it can maintain optimal performance over time. That’s why you will need a continual support system to run the website smoothly in the future.   

The most important thing is to update the content of your website regularly. Websites developed by a good web development company will have all the necessary features to update your website’s content. It may include the following: 

  • Update the hero section of your website (i.e., Banner, slider)
  • Add a new blog post with formatting and an image add option. 
  • Add new pages to your website. 
  • SEO optimization tool with suggestions. 
  • If you are developing an e-commerce site, then functional checkout features. 
  • Software updates option from the user end. 

Without the above options, it won’t be possible for you to run a website smoothly. These options are mandatory for any standard website. 

You may need technical support from the development team now and then. Learn the support procedure of that company. It is imperative to know the support system before you hire them, as, without proper support, the website will become a significant burden. 

Find whether they are familiar with the design trends or not. 

Web design trends change frequently. The company you are hiring must follow the latest design trends like flat design, parallax effects, etc. Mobile responsiveness is the most important thing for any website as most people visit websites using smartphones. Visit the websites they build with a smartphone and watch how they look there. 

Notice the details 

For search engine ranking, every detail is essential. Things like meta description, title tag, proper use of header tags make a massive difference in SERP. Google changes its SEO algorithm and policy frequently. A good web development company will know all the best SEO practices and develop your site following the latest SEO tactics. 

Social media is a vital part of every business. Your website should have proper integration of social media platforms. Please do some research on the competitors’ websites and find all the functionalities they provide there. Make sure your website does not miss any of those. Every single detail is essential. 

Additional Service 

Graphic design: A website requires many additional services that are not a web developer’s job. Say you will need many images on your website, which is not a web developer’s job, but the developer will ask for pictures with specific dimensions for various pages. If you hire someone else or another company to do that, sometimes a lousy synchronization may hamper the developing process. 

SEO Team: Another essential thing is digital marketing. The first thing to consider is SEO. If that company does not have any dedicated SEO team, then you may need to hire another company to do the SEO of your website. There is a term called ‘Technical SEO,’ which depends on the development team. If two separate teams work on the same project, your website’s SEO may not show the desired result. 

Social media marketing team: Social media marketing is significant for any company. If the company you are hiring does not have any digital marketing experience, then you’ll have to hire another party for that. Like the previous two points, these also can be challenging at times. 

Costing and Quality 

Many companies offer a low price for a web development project. Please do not get fooled by them. The cost of web development depends on so many things. If any company is offering a surprisingly cheaper rate, then there is a high chance that they can fool you. For example, maybe they will purchase hosting from a below-average company at a cheap rate. No technology can help you if the hosting provider is not giving you useful resources to use. Therefore, do not run after a lower price. 

Local Vs. Preferable outsourcing? 

It is a tough question as both of them have their pros and cons. 

The Pros of a local company: 

  • Easy Communication: While working with a local company, you have the freedom to talk to the company face-to-face. This form of communication is always great for better results. Moreover, you will get real-time solutions for any future problem. 
  • Cultural similarities: If your website’s target audience is local consumers, then a local web development company will understand the project better as they are from a similar culture. 
  • Legal Issues: As both parties are from the same country, it is easier to resolve any legal issues (if there are any). 

The Cons of a local company: 

  • Cost: A web development company in Australia, the USA, or Canada will cost much higher than an outsourcing team located in Asia. Most importantly, in this case, higher prices do not ensure a better result. 
  • Time: Local companies do not always have free developers with the necessary skills to work on any project that comes in hand. You have to find good company and wait some time to start your project. 

The Pros of an Outsourcing Agency

  • They are experts: It is easy to find a team who worked on a similar project you are looking to build. Experience is significant in the web development business. 
  • Talented: A outsourcing agency always comes up with a highly qualified team to deliver top-class work to international clients.  
  • Cost-effective: An outsourcing agency is always cost-effective than the local team if you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, or any other European country. 

The Cons of an Outsourcing agency  

  • Different time zone: Hiring an agency from a different time zone can create a synchronization problem with that team. 
  • Cultural barrier: If your target consumers are local and sometimes it can be challenging for a foreign team to understand the culture. But you can resolve this issue efficiently by showing competitors’ websites to them. 

Final Thoughts: 

When starting a new website for your business, a trustworthy partner is a must. We hope our guide will help you choose a web development company for your next project, and now you know, ‘How to choose a web development company.’

If you want to build a website with us, we would love to take care of it. Please visit our web development page for further details.

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